Things That I am Convinced of

People who eat pizza crusts only do it so that there is no evidence of how much pizza they have actually consumed. 

Students talk about homework the same way I talk about dieting, they will literally do anything except put in the minimum amount of time and effort. 

This world doesn’t need a small amount of people doing everything, it needs a lot of people doing something. 

You can tell a lot about a person by the way that they scribble a pen on a sheet of paper when it’s almost out of ink. 

Cinema peaked with the release of Shrek 2.  

Nothing in my life has been okay since Ian chucked his baked Alaska in the bin on The Great British Baking Show.  

Male authors write about women as if they are exotic cats being sold on the black market. 

Most terms which apply to a relatively gender neutral group of people are derived from male nominals I.E “dudes” “buddies” “guys”, even the occasional “hey man…”. (I can confirm that I’ve walked up to an individual who identifies as female and said “hey man what’s crackin’?” and everything was fine, except of course for the fact that nobody says “crackin’” anymore). And maybe these phrases have been normalized in our vernacular because women are comfortable with being referred to by traditionally masculine terms, while the fragility of the male gender has grown fearful of the emasculation of feminine terms like “lady” “girlie” “gals” or my personal favorite “hunny”. 

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