The aforementioned girl with the feelings

Gabby is a Bay Area native, thriving on weirdness and laughter from an early age. Her parents led her to dance classes as a way to burn off youthful energy, unaware that she would eventually cultivate a life completely devoted to dancing and artistry. As a young adult, studying with a San Francisco based Contemporary Ballet training program, Gabby grappled with the heartbreaks of not only living as a full time dancer, but living as a full time anxiety-ridden, occasionally depressed, self-loathing perfectionist in desperate need of help and mental clarity. After years of struggling, fighting through a lost love of dance, occasional therapy, and eventually embracing the imperfect life, Gabby found her voice through writing. Journaling, speaking, and mentoring young dancers allowed her to raise the voices of the mental health community and embrace her story of finding happiness. After her departure from professional dance in 2018, Gabby now devotes most of her time to being an English and Writing student. While most of her free time is spent dreaming of adopting her first dog, she enjoys making homemade pasta, reading works by badass female authors, and (when the time is right) dancing purely because she loves it. 

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