Social Media and Me, and Me, and Me.

I am not the biggest fan of the depersonalization that I go through as a byproduct of my anxiety. I often feel like I’m watching my life play out in front of me as if I’m not an active participant in it. I can become so distinctly separate from my own life that the ideaContinue reading “Social Media and Me, and Me, and Me.”

Self Defense, Slow Dancing, and Junior High

A Civilized Discussion of Irony Isn’t it ironic how Junior High physical education courses taught us such inconsistent lessons about autonomy over the physical self? Their lessons taught us how to defend our bodies against unwanted contact. Self defense class. They taught us how to protect ourselves, and how to use physical power to emitContinue reading “Self Defense, Slow Dancing, and Junior High”

Things That I am Convinced of: Part 2

The fastest thing on Earth is my dog immediately after I ask what is in his mouth.  Cold brew coffee should probably be renamed “cool beans”.  It is a miracle that I actually turned out okay after enduring the era in which the dominant social media platform made us publicly rank our “top 8” friends. Continue reading “Things That I am Convinced of: Part 2”

A Brief Poem To Encapsulate The Chaos of Quarantine

Feet are cold  Brain is numb  Convinced I’m worse  Than everyone  I think I need to go for a walk. Overwhelmed  By everything  Mental health  Held by a string  Mom said if I want we can talk. I need fresh air  This room is stale  The chips are stale  This rhyme is stale  Dog hasContinue reading “A Brief Poem To Encapsulate The Chaos of Quarantine”

It’s Okay To Be Shy

I don’t think that shyness is as simple as just not saying a lot of things, but rather, I think that it’s a correlation of the fluctuation of one’s ability to say the things that they actually want to say. I know it’s confusing, but give it some time. Maybe shyness is more accurately associatedContinue reading “It’s Okay To Be Shy”

Let’s Talk About Sex With Math

I am a heterosexual cisgendered female, which probably explains why I am constantly disappointed, but regardless, I am a woman who is attracted to men. That being said, I think that most of us can all agree that one of the most beautiful things on this earth is curve of a woman’s back when sheContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex With Math”

Things That I am Convinced of

People who eat pizza crusts only do it so that there is no evidence of how much pizza they have actually consumed.  Students talk about homework the same way I talk about dieting, they will literally do anything except put in the minimum amount of time and effort.  This world doesn’t need a small amountContinue reading “Things That I am Convinced of”