Snapshots From My Memoir: The Story of A Former Dancer

“Even at my lowest point I don’t think I ever stopped loving dance, but I think it stopped loving me back. It felt like I was in a relationship with somebody who didn’t like me enough to put any effort into keeping me around, but also was too lazy to just break up with meContinue reading “Snapshots From My Memoir: The Story of A Former Dancer”

Random Journal Entries From 2020

I wish that life didn’t feel like a race, but sometimes that’s just the way things are. My anxiety feels like an injury that keeps holding me back, but nobody accepts or acknowledges it. I’m tired of feeling like I’m forced to run a marathon where my anxiety feels like a broken leg. I’m tiredContinue reading “Random Journal Entries From 2020”

Ten Things I’ve Learned In 2020

Life doesn’t have to be loud to be fulfilling Trust is earned, not given  My narrative arc isn’t defined by the successes of others around me   Money can’t buy happiness, but it can solve a lot of problems  Introverts are undervalued  Reading is the adult’s version of make-believe It takes time and effort to getContinue reading “Ten Things I’ve Learned In 2020”