The confused young artist off on another adventure


A parody in the narrative style of Sex and The City, from the series “And I couldn’t help but wonder… A Carrie Bradshaw take on the real world”  I came home that night from the opening of the West Village’s newest underground club, feeling light from the lifted weight of my wallet after four cosmopolitans andContinue reading ““Self-Care””

Trust Your Gut?

Does anybody else remember that absolute fever dream of an era when kids would just say YOLO and then do the dumbest shit they could think of? I honestly think that the “YOLO” era might just be one of the biggest contributors to my lack of a gut instinct. Admittedly, there are a lot ofContinue reading “Trust Your Gut?”

It’s Okay To Be Shy

I don’t think that shyness is as simple as just not saying a lot of things, but rather, I think that it’s a correlation of the fluctuation of one’s ability to say the things that they actually want to say. I know it’s confusing, but give it some time. Maybe shyness is more accurately associatedContinue reading “It’s Okay To Be Shy”


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